Handmade Dog & Cat bowl stands. Made with love in Toronto.

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Our product range and choices are always expanding. If you do not see a stand that suits your pet choose a stand you like in terms of colour and finish and please get in touch with us to discuss. For dogs or cats, any combination of bowl size(s) and stand size can be made. For example, a 2 bowl stand can have a larger bowl for water and a smaller one for food. Alternatively, a 3 bowl stand can have a larger bowl for water and two smaller bowls for food. For cats, a 3 bowl stand can have smaller bowls for wet & dry food and a larger bowl for water. 3 weeks for delivery.



Select Number of Bowls:

Select 1, 2, or 3 bowls, and then the size of each bowl in your stand:

  1. Bowl Sizes Available:

    Stainless Steel
  2. Bowl Sizes Available:

    Stainless Steel
  3. Bowl Sizes Available:

    Stainless Steel

Select Paint Colour:

Other Paint Colours Available

Additional paint colours available: Matte Colours | Metallic Colours. Please enter the colour name below (if applicable):


Leg Options: Turned legs are made from upcycled stair balusters and can be painted only.


Red Oak and Walnut is finished with Rubio Monocoat. Poplar is used for painted bottoms only.

Custom Wood Finishes Available

Custom wood finishes are available at rubiomonocoatcanada.com. Custom paint colours (Poplar only) are available at cottagepaint.com. Please enter the finish or colour name below (if applicable):

Select Number of Name Plates:

1 and 2 bowl stands have 1 name plate. 3 bowl stands have 2 name plates.

  1. Name Plates Available:

  2. Name Plates Available:

Include Diamond Design?

A custom stand design with a hand-painted diamond pattern.


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